Angry Birds Rio sound design and music goes to the brazilian jungle in the new chapter of Angry Birds. Birds have been taken in hostage, and they have to battle agains evil monkeys, weird critters and mad parrot called Nigel in the jungles of Rio – brazilian rhytms, exotic animals and bystanders collide with each other in an epic journey.

Angry Birds theme has changed in to hot salsa version, which is played by a live orchestra. Sound design is much more detailed and broader than any previous Angry Birds games, including voice acting from such Hollywood star as Jemaine Clement.

Angry Birds Rio has been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide.


Original Soundtrack: Ari Pulkkinen
Sound Design: Ari Pulkkinen, Alexander Dmitriev
Publisher: Rovio
Music style: Salsa, Samba


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"The sound design perfectly captures Brazil’s urban and rural landscapes. Rio de Janeiro’s seedy side comes alive with clinking chains, creaking boards, cries of captured birds, and the murmur of cars rolling by the Smugglers’ Den. In the jungle, monkeys chatter and screech while the calls of birds, frogs, and insects fill the air as you line up your shots. The game’s distinctive theme also comes with a Brazilian-infused twist: the Angry Birds Rio Samba. Together, the sounds and music of Angry Birds Rio will have you dancing in your seat as you slingshot your way to free Blu, Jewel, and their " Amazon