Outland is based on a apocalyptic spirit world, which is shattered by two by powerful and immortal entities. Musical score in Outland complements the ancient and highly contrasted world by combining strong melodies, diverse emotions and rhythms. All in-game chapters have a unique feeling and feature ambient music styles combined with ethnic instruments and percussion that supplement the exceptional visuals. Outland features over an hour of original music.

Some inspiration for Outland soundtrack was taken from original Fallout games, Passion Of The Christ (the movie) and Apocalypto (the movie).

Outland sound design is deeply tied to the spiritual athmosphere, making the world an alluring and unique place to visit. Lots of different sounds were made to enhance the characters, spirit energy and action.



Original Soundtrack: Ari Pulkkinen
Sound Design: Ari Pulkkinen
Publisher: Ubisoft
Music Style: Ethnic, ambient, orchestral
Release: Q2/2011