Resogun is a new exclusive PlayStation®4 shoot ‘em up from the same team that brought you Super Stardust HD, Super Stardust Delta and Dead Nation released in 2013 on Playstation Network.

Resogun original soundtrack reflects the arcade history of gaming, combining modern electronic genres and styles. Resogun OST music references include Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy OST, M83′s score for Oblivion the movie and Transformers Score by Steve Jablonsky.



Original Soundtrack: Ari Pulkkinen
Sound Design: Ari Pulkkinen, Dmitriev Alexander
Publisher: Sony
Released: 2013 / Q4
Music Style: Electronic, Drum & Bass, House


01: Resogun Main Theme
02: Acis
03: Rotatron
04: Ceres
05: Stormruler
06: Decima
07: Cubetron
08: Febris
09: Doomsphere
10: Mefitis
11: Serpentinus
12: Resogun End Credits