The Shadowgrounds soundtrack is a big part of the game experience and consists of different genres, such as atmospheric ambient, cinematic orchestral scores and fierce action music influenced by such genres as aggressive breakbeat and hard electronic. While the styles differ, each track was designed to support the game experience.

The soundtrack includes all the music tracks from the game – featuring the cult hit Rtzon King disco song!

Fun fact: Finnish monster rock band Lordi’s guitarist Amen worked with composer Ari Pulkkinen to create some fantastic guitar riffs that propel the Shadowgrounds Soundtrack to the very top of game music soundtracks!


Original soundtrack: Ari Pulkkinen
Sound Design: Ari Pulkkinen
Released: 2005
Music Style: Hybrid genre (rock, orchestral, ambient)


1. Main Theme
2. Valley Of Shadow
3. Requiem For Baxter
4. New Atlantis
5. The Ancients
6. FMJ
7. Protectors
8. Reqqu Goes To Hell
9. I Need A Minigun
10. Run Like Hell
11. Total Metal Jacket
12. Prey On This
13. Mech The Destroyer
14. Request (pt.1)
15. Request (pt.2)
16. Against All Odds
17. Final Round
18. Menu
19. Apocalypse (pt.1)
20. Apocalypse (pt.2)
21. Request Adagio (pt.1)
22. Request Adagio (pt.2)
23. Lost Sentinels
24. Wait For Me
25. They’re After Me
26. Requiem For Baxter Adagio
27. Main Theme (end credits)
28. Rtzon King – Super Cool Disco

"Music varies from a scary, dark “storm in the wilderness” style, to super-Euro guitar rock as you launch into combat, and the effects all sound good." preview