Super Stardust HD original soundtrack was designed as a tribute to the old Super Stardust oldschool arcade game. Demoscene coloured  drum & base and electronic beats combined with orchestral scores brings the adrenaline filled shoot-em-up to the next level. Each world of the game has a unique theme and there is also mandatory boss music.

Solo Expansion introduces a remixed version of StarFighting Across The Universe (Epic Japanpop remix) and expands the track lenght to almost 9 minutes. This remix brings back even more memories from 90s arcade gaming.

Team Expansion introduces something truly epic — fully 5.1 orchestrated versions of the original scores! The hollywood style symphonic ‘remixes’ makes Super Stardust HD an epic blockbuster title you don’t want to miss!

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Original Soundtrack: Ari Pulkkinen
Sound Design: Ari Pulkkinen
Publisher: Sony (2007)
Music style original: Retro, Drum&Base, Electronic, Orchestral
Music style expansion: Orchestral


01. Super Stardust HD Main Theme (Menu)
02. StarFighting Across The Universe
03. Jolly Good Jungle Adventure
04. Thou Shall Be Fire & Brimstone
05. Hyperspeed Mr. Spåck!
06. Super Ice Ice Baby
07. Wrath Of Pingu, The Penquin King
08. Starfighting Across The Universe, Japanpop Remix (Solo Expansion)
09. Super Stardust HD Epic Main Theme (Team Expansion)
10. Heroes of Lave (Team Expansion)
11. Heroes of Coventina (Team Expansion)
12. Heroes of Nemain (Team Expansion)
13. Heroes of Taranis (Team Expansion)
14. Heroes of Segomo (Team Expansion)
15. Wrath of The Pingu (Team Expansion)

" simply have to comment on the new soundtrack: Orchestral. All the classic Stardust themes are back but have been orchestrated into some very nice tunes." IGN