Trine 2 will go even deeper into the high-fantasy world, succeeding the high popular original Trine game. The three heroes are once again pulled into epic adventure battle against dark forces of the world.

Trine 2 will feature an immersive soundtrack, even more varied in style and playful and epic melodies than the original Trine. Soundtrack will feature more live instruments, and even singing.

Each score of the soundtrack is like a chapter from a story book, each one telling their own tales of marvels and legends. The lyrical elements are strenghtened by combining chamber music with different orchestral styles.

Every location has it own theme, making each location feel different and unique. Over an hour of original music quarantees that immersion stays fresh and the game is enjoyable from the beginning to the end.


Original soundtrack: Ari Pulkkinen
Sound Design: Ari Pulkkinen, Alexander Dmitriev
Publisher: AriTunes, Frozenbyte
Music Style: Medieval fantasy, orchestral
Release: 7 Dec 2011 (Steam PC/Mac); 20 Dec PSN NA (Europe TBD), 21 Dec XBLA


01: Trine 2 Main Theme
02: The Story Begins
03: The Mighty Warrior Pontius
04: The Mighty Warrior Pontius Part II
05: Thieves Guild
06: Mudwater Dale
07: Waltz of the Temple Forest Elves
08: Goblins!
09: Mosslight Marsh
10: Snake, Oh It’s a Snake!
11: Petrified Tree
12: Goblins! Part II
13: Shadowed Halls
14: The Lost Court of Mushroom Caves
15: Hushing Grove
16: For the Kingdom!
17: Searock Castle
18: Eldritch Passages
19: Icewarden Keep
20: The Giant Dragon
21: Trine 2 Main Theme Storybook Version
22: Main Theme (Orchestral Version) (Exclusive bonus version)
23: The Giant Dragon (Orchestral Version) (Exclusive bonus version)

"The soundtrack of Trine 2 is full of scores that can easily rival what one would hear in a multi-billion dollar film" Epicbrew
"Another brilliant soundtrack by Ari Pulkkinen" Escapist Magazine