Ari Pulkkinen continues his path of composing unique soundtracks, this time purely acoustically.

Trine soundtrack captures the spirit of the twisted medieval fantasy adventure. Each score of the soundtrack is like a chapter from a story book, each one telling their own tales of marvels and legends. The lyrical elements are strenghtened by combining chamber music with different orchestral styles.

Trine soundtrack is made sound alive and strenghtened by live performances by talented musicians – Daniel Shaul performing oboe andBenjamin Hirschovits-Gerz interprets violin! Other instruments include cello, piano, horns, celeste, music box, strings, choir and drum percussion.

Every score is unique in-game. Every location has it own theme, making each location feel different and unique. Over an hour of original music quarantees that immersion stays fresh and the game is enjoyable from the beginning to the end.

Trine soundtrack is dedicated to the memory of Pauli Pulkkinen (1946-2008), father of Ari Pulkkinen.


Original soundtrack: Ari Pulkkinen
Sound Design: Ari Pulkkinen
Publisher: AriTunes, Frozenbyte
Style: Medieval fantasy, orchestral
Released: 2009


01: Astral Academy
02: Academy Hallways
03: Wolvercote Catacombs
04: Dragon Graveyard
05: Crystal Caverns
06: Crypt of The Damned
07: Forsaken Dungeons
08: Throne of The Lost King
09: Fangle Forest
10: Shadowthorn Thicket
11: Ruins of The Perished
12: Waltz of The Perished
13: Heartland Mines
14: Bramblestoke Village
15: Iron Forge
16: Tower of Sarek
17: Trine Main Theme (downloadable!)
18: Trine Trailer Theme
19: Bonus track – Trine Theme Trailer 2008 (exclusive)
20: Bonus track – Trine Theme Original 2008 (exclusive)

"rine is a must for all fantasy music lovers" VGMRush (9/10)
"The renaissance music is very well done, with catchy tunes arranged in a lush orchestral score" IGN