Resogun Original Soundtrack

Wow! What a journey this has been. Resogun is now out in US and rest of the world follows quickly when PlayStation 4 comes out. Reviews have been highly positive, and music has been rated exceptional by many. PlayStation 4 … Continued

Angry Birds Theme music brakes a record

I haven’t been updating my blog in a long time; this is something I’d like to change. However, I’ve been actively updating my official facebook channel Please like my pages to get the latest news and maybe some special … Continued

Trine 2 OST Special Edition now available!

The long awaited Trine 2 SE OST is now available as lossless FLAC -format and high quality MP3! This Special Edition Trine 2 soundtrack contains all of the hits that make up the critically acclaimed sequel and two orchestral renditions. … Continued

Angry Birds Audio Analysis

Mauronewmedia made a cognitive teardown of the user experience of why Angry Birds is so successful and popular, and they also thought about the importance of Angry Birds sounds and music. Their analysis is suprisingly well-thought and deep, it seems … Continued

Angry Birds Music & Audio Interview

Michael Coleman from Soundworks (part of Mix Music Magazine) made an interview about Angry Birds music & audio with me. At the time of the interview (this summer), I was having a small holiday at my summer cabin – I … Continued

AriTunes Gamescom Demoreel 2011

I decided to make a decent demoreel of my projects and finally combine them together. I’m going to Gamescom 2011 event in Cologne, Germany this week, so this demoreel is quite handy when meeting new potential customers, or even just … Continued

One of the most listened composer in the world

It seems I am one of the most listened composer in the world right now and no one notices. 🙂 Over 250 million people have heard original Angry Birds theme, and most of them have heard all AB Seasons remixes … Continued

Making of Dead Nation Music & Audio

The most downloaded PlayStation Network exclusive game today, and the best PSN exclusive game 2010, Dead Nation is a gruesome M-rated top-down action game placed in an apocalyptic world that has been overrun by a zombie virus. It is also … Continued

Making of Outland Music & Audio

Designing music and sound to a spiritual, abstrack dream… Outland was a fresh breeze for creative mind, also a bit of clusterfrack at first. From the start of the project there was this interesting vision of outlandish and apocalyptic spirit … Continued

Making of Angry Birds music

This blog is propably a long overdue, but better later than never! As Angry Birds composer (and sound designer), I would like to shed a light to the making of Angry Birds music. First of all I would like to … Continued