Trine 2 OST Special Edition now available!

The long awaited Trine 2 SE OST is now available as lossless FLAC -format and high quality MP3! This Special Edition Trine 2 soundtrack contains all of the hits that make up the critically acclaimed sequel and two orchestral renditions. Giant Dragon and Trine 2 Main Theme have received a great treatment from a grand scale classical ensamble by Dynamedion Philharmonic Orchestra. These two exclusive tracks have only been partly featured in trailers before and now you can enjoy them too!

This whole package is available now on here on only 9,95 EUR and soon on iTunes and Amazon digital shops (I will update this information later). If you already own Trine 2 soundtrack and want the extra two exclusive tracks, you can buy just them for a low price of 2,95 EUR! I’ve also added Trine 1 & Trine 2 SE OST Soundtrack Bundle in the shop page – if you haven’t already gotten Trine 1 OST, now is the perfect opportunity to get the full Trine World Soundtrack experience (over 2 hours of best medieval fantasy music in the world) for just 15,95 EUR!

A big thanks to my fans for supporting me and hope you enjoy this delightful soundtrack. As an indie composer, every penny goes directly to my expences and its a big help for me to make even better music, as I can update my studio and instruments, have more resources and get talented musicians to perform in my songs. Your support is very important for me and my work, and I thank you from my heart!

3 Responses to “Trine 2 OST Special Edition now available!”

  1. Philippe Lauliac

    Hi Ari,

    congratulations for your work on Trine and Trine 2. These two soundtracks are AWESOME !!! I Love everything.

    Thanks 😉

    PS : Happy new year !

    Philippe from Paris (France)

  2. wkl

    i love the soundtracks!
    may i have the soundtrack notes of Trine1 and ~2?thank you very much~
    happy new year!

  3. Lada

    Mr. Pulkkinen,

    In the Thieves Guild track there is a woman’s voice. Is she singing actual lyrics? If yes, could you please tell what is she singing?

    Thank you,


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