Resogun Original Soundtrack

Wow! What a journey this has been.

Resogun is now out in US and rest of the world follows quickly when PlayStation 4 comes out. Reviews have been highly positive, and music has been rated exceptional by many. PlayStation 4 is undeniable one of the biggest entertainment releases the decade. I’m also one of the few (if not the only) composer in the world that has two release games available straight from the start; Trine 2 Complete Story is also a Day One title in PS4 launch. But let’s talk about Resogun!

When I got the project, I was really inspired by the game design and the art of Resogun. It felt right. It felt like a beginning of something awesome. And it was that! Our goal was to have a soundtrack, that would not only immerse players behind the game experience, but also work as a tribute to the classic games of the entertainment history. We chose to have an electronic approach, since the game itself looks and feels over-the-top technological marvel.

First we went much more retro-style with the soundtrack, but in the middle of the project it felt right to upgrade the sounds and overall atmosphere to more modern and crispier in style. Many players and reviewers have already noted similarities with Tron Legacy Soundtrack made by Daft Punk, M83’s Oblivion score, and even Steve Jablonsky’s Transformers themes. It is true that these awesome scores have influenced a lot Resogun music and I’m proud that Resogun OST is being compared to these mega-Hollywood movie soundtracks that probably had 10 times bigger budgets than Resogun. Resogun OST is still an unique, different and fun score that stands on its own: this is what I’m the most proud of.

The best way to support an indie composer like me is to subscribe to my Youtube, Twitter and Facebook pages. I’m in a middle of starting my own Record Label “AriTunes Records“, and Resogun music fans over the world are most definitely all welcome to join the journey!

On the other news; Resogun Soundtrack is on the way. I will keep you posted!

7 Responses to “Resogun Original Soundtrack”

  1. Chaos Raiden

    Hi. Will you sell Resogun soundtrack on US Playstation Store?

  2. Fragpuss

    hope the soundtrack appears on the EU store, love your work, have done for years

  3. Jack

    Ari, would you please put the complete Resogun OST up for sale on Bandcamp as well as the complete Outland OST that I’ve been looking after for two years? Thanks in advance.

  4. Stephen Sharp

    Another voice for “Would be the soundtrack right this second” on any format you care to release it on.

  5. Ari Pulkkinen

    Release of Resogun OST is 100% up to Sony. OST was ready to be published in early December 2013 from my part.

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  7. Jesse

    Oletko Ari ollut yhteydessä Sonyyn? Onko siellä edes kiinnostusta julkaista tätä soundtrackia?
    Olisi kiva saada se myyntiin… ja ostoon. :/


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