Angry Birds played by a live Orchestra

And the day every Angry Birds fan has been waiting for is today – Angry Birds Theme is played first time by a live orchestra, no other than London Philharmonic Orchestra!

It’s the first time my song has been played by a live, professional orchestra, and this is a very special honor and day for me. But I am sure that this will certainly not be the last time a full orchestra plays my songs, this is certain!

But, as much I would like to be in the concert today, I cannot – official affirmation came too late for me and I was unable to arrange my travel to London. Not that I could “arrange it”, but I have other things I have to do, like finalizing Trine 2 soundtrack. I am quite sad about this, but life is sometimes like this. 🙂

I have a wish – If anyone you goes to see the concert, I would like to know how did the audience react and what was the overall feeling in the concert hall when Angry Birds theme was played.

edit: I got my cousin and her husband to the concert, nice! I feel a lot better 🙂

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  1. Duncan

    After just finishing Dead Nation, I was so impressed with the score I had to do some research to find out who worked on it and show my appreciation as a gamer and a music fan!

    Very rarely do I think that the soundtrack adds so much to an already great game, but this was outstanding. To also discover you worked on Trine is another thumbs up from me!

    Hope you get your hands on some more big-budget games soon!

    Keep it up buddy!

  2. Christy Hodder

    how can i purchase a copy of this arrangement for orchestra? Actuallyni would like it for string orchestra high school level. i would have to re write it it that arrangement…can you help me?


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