Angry Birds remixes

Angry Birds has grown to a mindblowing, sensational franchise all over the world – also, the music plays a big part of the game and there is a growing number of fan made remixes out there. As a Angry Birds theme composer I would like to address the rules when making those.

If you want to make a (free) remix out of Angry Birds theme in youtube or such, remember to type in the composer name “Ari Pulkkinen – Angry Birds Theme”, it is a respectful and an honorable thing to do.

The best version so far

Angry Birds theme by Genevieve Trio is my favorite ‘remix’ out of all. This version really captures the feeling of the Original theme and also adds variation to the melody. If Angry Birds would have been made with live instrumentation from the start, this is how the theme would have propably sounded. Bravo!

More videos and comments coming soon 🙂

6 Responses to “Angry Birds remixes”

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  2. Gary Qian

    I would like to know, can I use the original angry birds song for use in a video without infringing on copyright?

  3. John

    You gotta get the folks over at Rovio (Angry Birds) to make ALL the versions of the Angry Birds theme song available on iTunes. The new “summer” theme is the best one yet!

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    […] I managed to find the song that I needed for this project. The composer of the original theme, Ari Pulkkinen has officially given sanction to the idea of remixing his works, so there are no liabilities and […]

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