Ari Pulkkinen’s music in Youtube

I’ve finally managed to share some of my music through Youtube channel for your enjoyment!. Also, be sure to check out my facebook channel from time to time – I’ll be posting some interesting stuff there too! I will be updating my youtube channel regularly from now on. In the future (hopefully end of this year), my music will be available from various places, including iTunes, Amazon and other digital services. In meanwhile, enjoy Theme from Angry Birds performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra!

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  1. Sheila

    My entire family loves the music you wrote for Angry Birds. Thanks for creating such a cheerful and fun song. It’s great to hear the London Philharmonic play it. My son would love to know what instrument(s) are represented on your original version.

  2. Ari Pulkkinen

    Hi Sheila and thank you! I am glad that this song works over different generations, and it’s always great to know I have managed to cheer up someones day by my composition! Anyway, the official sheets are coming soonish, but the original song has these instruments: drum percussion, flute, clarinet, xylophone, accordion, mandolin, bass, and, ofcourse, cowbell.

  3. Jack

    I’d love to hear the “Boss Theme” from Outland played by such an orchestra. Such a powerful theme… Only the thought of it gives me goose bumps & shivers all over.

    By the way, any word on the full Outland OST release date?

  4. Madeline

    Where/when can people buy this score? I’d love to play this in my college orchestra!!! It’s amazing. Thank you for the inspiring music!

  5. Ryan Tanaka

    Nice orchestrations of the original theme — it’s hard to make an orchestra sound different, I tell ya.

    I’m sort of running an experiment with YouTube right now, using annotations for educational/narrative purposes — and decided to use your theme as material. Maybe people might find it interesting:

  6. nancy

    Where can I get angry birds Cd?


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