Trine pre-launch, exciting times

I’m just finishing the Trine soundtrack, there are almost 20 tracks now – one unique track for each Trine in-game location (map)! That’s a huge accomplishment for any games out there! (Actually, is there any?) And those tracks ain’t any … Continued

Integrating audio into the game development

First of all, good audio design and music WILL be critical when reaching those few extra points for full 100 score. Good audio might even turn semi-good game into something worth mentioning for. You better know this already. First thing … Continued

Peace for the mind

Any work or study environment can occasionally become very stressful. People might get on your nerves or computers and technology might drive you insane. You might get frustrated or feel numb – or you could just snap, like in the … Continued

Creating a soul for interactive media

This blog will aim at being an edgy insiders fix on audio in games industry. I will not dodge from telling my opinions or point of views, but I’ll try to make it personal and interesting without being too geeky, … Continued

A tribute for my father

The new site has been launched detailing the inner workings of AriTunes, welcome to this more posh, slick an informational on line resource! Stay alert for upcoming news and updates for they are bound to rush in the next few … Continued