Peace for the mind

Any work or study environment can occasionally become very stressful. People might get on your nerves or computers and technology might drive you insane. You might get frustrated or feel numb – or you could just snap, like in the movie Office Space.

Sometimes, you just need to get out, really, away from everything. Here’s good advice to you all: Go outside, to mother nature’s gentle care – preferably some place where no man has ever gone before (recently). I like to go to my mökki.

Here’s Top #5 advice for a perfect (nature) holiday location:

  • #1. Avoid technology. Leave your fancy laptop home ’cause it could break and you’d spend the holiday worrying about it on the phone with tech-support.
  • #2. Avoid loud noises. City & industrial ambiences (and cell phones!) are the worst. Peace for the ears is peace for the mind!
  • #3. Avoid (stressful) people. Usually it’s people you are getting away from so don’t repeat the mistake.
  • #4. Get yourself some space. Swimming in the lake or walking in the lush forest gives your eyes and mind the rest they need.
  • #5. Don’t plan anything. The only thing worth planning should be what you’re going to eat and drink. Everything else just happens.

    My favorite holiday location is my summer cabin, even when it’s not summer. I like to go fishing, even if I don’t get any fish (well, then I really need a beer). Take an excessive amount of barbecue food and beer with you – you really don’t want to be bothered about going to the shop that could be miles away. Remember to make sure there’s absolutely no big problems & issues bothering your mind – if there are, just let it be, don’t think about it.

    As an “audio guy”, I enjoy getting away from loud city noises, “hearing the silence”. In the countryside, there first appears to be a total silence but it really isn’t. I’m always surprised by the the sounds and noises that I wouldn’t normally hear. Nature is exciting! You can hear really odd sounds, like a big beetle making computer sounds when turned upside down, trying not to drown in some spilled beer on the table, a fat squirrel crying like happy tree friends character while stuck in the birdhouse or a pissed off seagulls trying to eat same piece of fish.

    So don’t spend all your holidays playing games, watching TV or drinking in a pub. Get out to the nature!

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