Suggestions about listening Trine OST

As the Trine Original Soundtrack is now released, there’s a bunch of usefull situations or places where and how you can listen to it!

  • While reading any kind of fantasy books.
  • At home, just chilling without underpants, making food, cleaning etc.
  • While studying or when you need to consentrate on something… like spying.
  • While playing board games with your friends.
  • While performing live action role-playing (LARP) (or in front of a large mirror while dressing up like an elf -ballerina.)
  • When you need to cheer up and just enjoy life!
  • When playing World of Warcraft or any other fantasy MMO game.
  • In a rock concert, play it from a loudspeakers to show that you’re a real man.
  • If you have a bad child, wife or mother-in-law you need to calm down, try playing this soundtrack.
  • When drinking beer,rum or whisky and feeling sassy!

What’s your suggestion?

7 Responses to “Suggestions about listening Trine OST”

  1. Jukka T. Paajanen

    I’ll second the last one!

    Trine OST + premium english bitter = heaven!


  2. BananPer

    Nude in public + Trine OST + premium english bitter = heaven +1!

  3. tjfromparis

    i like this game
    i Love this music ^^

  4. Gallifreyan

    I absolutely love this music, keep the good stuff coming!

  5. Joan Dubo

    While studying or preparing food… or just when you wanna relax.

    PD: You’re a Genious, Ari!!!

  6. Gene Warner

    I have it on my Zune HD and frequently listen to it while working. It makes for a nice relaxing background that helps me focus. It’s also great music to just sit and listen to.

  7. Zarrastro

    I use lo listen to your soundtrack when i want to concentrate on writing. Before I realize, i listen to “Tower of Sarek” and I know that i’ve been writing for an entire hour!
    All themes are just perfect! I don’t dislike any of them. Yours is the best soundtrack for a videogame that i have ever heard, and music is very important for me while playing a game. I loved Sakuraba Motoi’s Golden Sun score (Using Game Boy Advance Midi) and all of Ace Attorney music (Also using GBA – Nintendo DS midi). Final Fantasy games also use to have good music, but i must say that yours is not only perfectly game-fitting, but also great to listen outside the game.
    You made an amazing work. I expect more for Trine II!!


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