The soundtrack of your life

There’s need for more complex emotions in games. There’s need for mature game design. There’s need for emotions that covers the full spectrum of human life – not just hate, agression, stress and conquest.

I like scores bigger than life and deeper than death, but there’s need for emotions that stand in the middle. In a certain point in life there are holes in our souls that need to be filled and music is sometimes the only way. I think the game industry and the gamers themself have grown to accept that you can expect more from games – if you can experience beautiful and memorable moments in a movie, why not in a game that is in your control to see and listen.

My goal is to make music that not only fits in the background but brings soul and gives all the needed emotional spectrums, and to invent something new with the advantages of unique dynamic environments in the interactive media.  I like to call this concept as “The soundtrack of your life”.

What soundtrack has influenced your life the most, and why?

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  1. Mark Stahler

    Your work on Trine was fantastic. The music brought the game alive. Reading your post here makes me understand how you were able to create such fitting music. Well done.

  2. hel (rachel) - France

    “In a certain point in life there are holes in our souls that need to be filled and music is sometimes the only way.”

    This is what the OST for Trine makes me feel.

    Several musics make me “high”, put me into “transe”… I am really passionate by music and my life finds a meaning thanks to music.

    But this one, your work for Trine, makes me feel something more, something really different, incredible, that I cannot say with words. It is really strange. It is a wonderful feeling.

    Thank you for this.


  3. Juuso P

    To answer the question in the end, I might have to say Monkey Island series’ music (especially part 2 and 3), and The Dig’s soundtrack even though I haven’t actually even played the latter. Both of those are Michael Land’s doings. The music you made for Trine made me also feel various emotions and sense real magic in the air, and right onward from the menu screen of Trine 2 you became one of my idols, an accomplished lightbringer to the path of a game composer, as that’s something I’m pursuing myself.


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