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Trine OST was recently revealed officially and there has been some writings about the price. It is unfortunate that some products are priced wrong, or seem to be too expensive for their value. With Trine it all begun with the pricing of the game itself – it was certainly not mine or Frozenbyte’s doings. I think the “huge mess” that it had created have now followed the price of OST.

As for the Trine Soundtrack, I am sorry if it seems to cost too much. I did so much extra work with this title, umm, like a month? Lets face it – Trine Soundtrack is over 70 minutes long with the bonus tracks (that’ll be available shortly for owners of the OST!), and it’s available in HQ MP3 and even lossless FLAC format! The pricing is still below soundtrack average.

And where all the money goes? I was aiming for a Ferrari (not)… I cannot go into the small details of my contract but let’s say that I’m hoping that the sales coverage my expences and time spent with Trine. I think I’d be happy to get new music work station that would help me to create even better music – let’s say, if there would be ‘Trine 2’ on the horizon.. you never know.

Those who have and those who will purchase the soundtrack – I thank all of you! Those who won’t be getting it, I thank you for the interest and praises you have given in the forums and such!

edit: oh, to my fans at $ country, I didn’t realize dollars were so crappy against euros right now. Please US, stop printing more cash 😉


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  1. malachi

    The best 12 euros I’ve spent in a while… Trine OST has made my work days bearable.

    I had to order Shadowgrounds’ OST too. I just wish SS HD’s soundtrack will be available soon, because I’m hooked. =)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. nipsen

    This is the first soundtrack I’ve bought since a Star Wars disc I found in a bargain bin. Not comparing or anything, just pointing out that this music struck me now like the Star Wars music strikes a twelve- year old boy 😀

    Very soothing, and takes your mind away to somewhere your imagination fancies.

  3. Jesu

    Oh god i like your music so much please do more ^^
    Rakastan trinen musiikkia, koskettaa aina sydäntä!
    Ostan aina sinun uudet musiikki albumit, olet tosi mahtava tekemään musiikkia!

  4. Nereid666


    Ok just don’t consider me some psycho-fan, but your music is GODLY!!! I’ve been so astonished with the Trine soundtrack, that… that… that I can’t live with the fact that I CAN’T compose anything even nearly equal to your track.

    I’m not a professional composer, but I am very creative and I love to listen to, play and compose music. I’ve already written many track for few isntruments, some of them solely for guitar.

    I’ve got to choose university soon, I’ve always been good at english and such, but what really makes me happy is music.

    I would LOVE to ask you few things about composing Ari, so if it IS possible, e-mail me, please! Oh and I PROMISE that someday you will see me by your door, asking for an autograph 🙂 Just as Nobou Uematsu will…

    Here is my e-mail: I will check it everyday 🙂


    Hello Ari, let me say one thing.
    I always didn’t like western music since I was more attracted to Japanese since I like their style, but man… You changed my view on this, your job on Shadowgrounds, Trine, Super Stardust HD is so amazing! AMAZING! By far you are the best compsoer I ever seen, you make the best music in the world, just thought I’d let you know that!

    I want you to realize that you now got REAL fans who are really passionate about you and your work!

  6. artz

    Thank you everybody! I’m really glad to get such appriciation… I do my music for the people, not just for me.

    Oh, just a small remark for the original post – EURO is now really low agains dollar, Trine OST should not be that pricy for americans anymore! 😉

  7. TemeP

    In where is “Credits” track of game?


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