Making of Outland Music & Audio

Designing music and sound to a spiritual, abstrack dream… Outland was a fresh breeze for creative mind, also a bit of clusterfrack at first. From the start of the project there was this interesting vision of outlandish and apocalyptic spirit … Continued

Making of Angry Birds music

This blog is propably a long overdue, but better later than never! As Angry Birds composer (and sound designer), I would like to shed a light to the making of Angry Birds music. First of all I would like to … Continued

Angry Birds remixes

Angry Birds has grown to a mindblowing, sensational franchise all over the world – also, the music plays a big part of the game and there is a growing number of fan made remixes out there. As a Angry Birds … Continued

The soundtrack of your life

There’s need for more complex emotions in games. There’s need for mature game design. There’s need for emotions that covers the full spectrum of human life – not just hate, agression, stress and conquest. I like scores bigger than life … Continued

Suggestions about listening Trine OST

As the Trine Original Soundtrack is now released, there’s a bunch of usefull situations or places where and how you can listen to it! While reading any kind of fantasy books. At home, just chilling without underpants, making food, cleaning … Continued

Trine pre-launch, exciting times

I’m just finishing the Trine soundtrack, there are almost 20 tracks now – one unique track for each Trine in-game location (map)! That’s a huge accomplishment for any games out there! (Actually, is there any?) And those tracks ain’t any … Continued

Peace for the mind

Any work or study environment can occasionally become very stressful. People might get on your nerves or computers and technology might drive you insane. You might get frustrated or feel numb – or you could just snap, like in the … Continued